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Residential Support Plan - Complete



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Peace of mind for the entire family

PC or Mac

Covers all computers in the household

Network Monitoring - extra security and peace of mind

Device Monitoring. Early detection of hardware issue , file system problems, malware, and more.

Backup Setup and Management. Make sure your computers are backing up properly.

Subscriptions require a 12 month minimum commitment. 

There is a One-time $149 setup fee which includes a full security sweep and drive optimization, and your first month membership. 

PCRescue Residential Support FAQ

What is included in the Residential Service Plan?

  • Phone and Email Support
  • Remote Support
  • Hardware and System Monitoring
  • Security and Update Management 
  • Backup Management

Is there a minimum subscription length?

Subscriptions require a minimum 12 month commitment.

What Can I use Support Calls\Sessions for?

  • Problems with email
  • Printing Issues
  • Software installation
  • Forgotten Password\Lockout
  • Anything you might need help with

Will I need any other security or anti-virus?

No. Our security and systems monitoring covers all bases. In the event that you do stumble across something malicious on the internet, a quick call to PCRescue will resolve it, at no charge.

What if I need an actual repair to my computer?

If your computer requires  the replacement of a part or other significant repair, as a Subscriber you only pay the flat repair fee ($65) and the parts or software.

*Peripheral devices (printers, external drives, etc) are not included in this coverage.